KSNB Monday Morning Forecast 3/20/2017

While cooler today, a very nice day is anticipated for the first day of spring. Moisture coming soon.

KSNB 10p Fri Forecast

Cooler weather remains with us. Rain chances throughout the next week.

Salvation Army's new program to provide free meals to the community

A new food program that provides free meals on wheels will soon be in one local city. It's a way to feed local children while they're not in school.

KSNB 5p Fri Forecast

Cooler temps are with us through the weekend. Small chances for showers throughout.

KSNB Friday Morning Forecast 6/23/2017

Some morning showers and some relief from recent hot temperatures is in store for today.

Spencer vs. The Champ PART II

Spencer and St. Cecilia's Jack Thompson looks to finish off the par-5 18 hole at Lochland Country Club.


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